Explorer 725 VHF Radio is a discontinued product

Explorer 725 VHF Radio image

Explorer 725 VHF Radio

  • Track-Your-Buddy
  • 5 W External speaker with listen back feature
  • Radio controls on Mic
  • SAME Weather and NOAA Tone Alert
  • Rotary Channel Knob and Bitmap LCD

Explorer 725 VHF: Second Station Capable Radio
The Northstar Explorer 725 is a premium fishing machine: the built in barometric pressure sensor provides prediction of weather and fish activity. The wireless mic, The Explorer 705 is sold seperately (up to two mics per base). 

Weather Watch / Fish Forecaster
Northstar’s Explorer 725 has barometric weather forecasting. Barometric pressure is presented using highly accurate digital graph technology so you can see the current reading and trends to assist in determining rapid changes in air pressure. We’ve even included icons to display predicted weather conditions.
Going fishing? Check the 4-level "Happy Fish" icon on the LCD to determine the likelihood of good fishing conditions. No more excuses for coming home empty handed!

Track Your Buddy
Track-Your-Buddy is for safety, teamwork, convenience or just for fun. This great feature allows you to combine your Explorer 725’s DSC position polling with Track-Your-Buddy enabled Chartplotter or Combo units to show the location of up to three boating friends on the chart display. It’s easy to setup: You need a Northstar Explorer 725, the MMSI number of your buddies’ DSC enabled VHF radio, and a Northstar Track-Your-Buddy capable unit.  A great function for fleet voyages or any application where knowing the location of your boating partner is important.


Explorer 705 wireless 2nd station handset
The wireless second station mic features the same large LCD and complete control of all DSC and radio functions. Use the Intercom function to communicate between the base and the second-station handset. The handset is fully waterproof (JIS7) to withstand the tough marine environment. 

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