SmartCraft is a discontinued product

SmartCraft Engine Integration image

SmartCraft Engine Integration

- Real-Time Boat Diagnostics from Over 40 Sensors.

- Northstar and Mercury have combined forces to give the boater complete electronic integration with their engines.

Available on the following Northstar Models:6000i, 6100i, M-Series, 660, 657, 650, 567, 557, 550, 538, 467, 457, 438, 443df, AP380.

  • Intelligent System for Automatic Configuration
  • SmartCraft™ Total Vessel Intelligence integrated into Select Northstar Electronics
  • RPM, Engine Temperature, Oil Level, Temperature and Pressure
  • Fuel Flow, Fuel Remaining and Fuel Consumption
    Trim Angle and Steering Angle
  • Water, Waste, Fuel and Oil Levels 
  • Digital Engine Tachometer Input Included
  • Single or Twin Engine Gasoline - see your authorized dealer for engine compatability
  • Reduces dash clutter and will maximize SmartCraft information display
  • Troll control varies speed of boat for optimal trolling

Mercury SmartCraft™
data is available on selected Northstar products with the purchase of optional Gateway. Mercury’s SmartCraft™ enabled engines offer real-time information on all critical engine, boat and environmental conditions for display on your Northstar unit.

From the fishfinder or chartplotter, Northstar provides the boater with access to information and control of the engine with an easy to use interface. We have teamed up with Mercury’s engineers to present detailed engine fault diagnostics that allow the boater to make informed decisions on the water.
Single and dual engine capability**
* Some features engine type dependant.
** Engine type dependant your personal on-board engine wizard.

Allows you to accurately check the health and performance of your engine investment. Get the best fuel consumption possible, more torque to the props, and general peace-of-mind boating. Available with the listed Mercury engines. *Northstar suggests you contact your nearest Mercury dealer for a list of compatible Mercury engines.